Helena is a pro skater, illustrator and musician


My name is Helena Long. I skate a lot, drum a lot, work a lot and enjoying illustrating things here and there.


I think skateboarding and the other artistic,creative things that you do always overlap and feed off each other.


What I particularly enjoy from skateboarding, I like to integrate into my illustration.


So the use of space, shapes and buildings and how you interpret them always feature somewhere in my work


It’s hard to narrow down what really gets me stoked in skateboarding but to name a few people but I really love how Neil Blender and Gonz’s skating and style is really reflected in the way they draw – they clearly have so much fun on their boards!


I also really like Jay Howell, Stefan Marx and Jacob Ovgren’s illustrations.


As for films and edits I really love the GX1000 vid and anything from Blast Skates or Brixton’s Baddest videos!


I think The No Comply Network is a brilliant idea and a great platform especially as it helps promote a lot of the skate community’s raw and creative talent on and off skateboards.


I have always loved making lil zines of my own and collaborating with other illustrators, artists and photographer friends to make mini skate related publications. Hopefully going to try and put another one together soon!