Ozzie is a skater and director


It’s that age old thing that everyone kind of knows and understands, skateboarding and filmmaking go hand in hand.


I know quite a few people who started making films through skateboarding and then gradually moved on to other avenues.


Skateboarding generally has no set way of doing things, so you are left to your own devices to create what you want.


My creative process element is always to approach things in a more documentary style, moving around and throwing the camera about and capturing genuine real moments, like I would when documenting skateboarding.


I feel a little bad, because skateboarding has definitely taken a side seat to my life, its always there and I do skate when I have time or when Chris Parsons calls me up and makes me feel bad haha.


What’s inspiring me at the moment within skateboarding is this new movement where skate media is going back to the roots of filmmaking but with added flare.


Skating looks more rough and ready these days, which I love.


Then again I also appreciate the smooth and clean edits that Russell Houghten makes.


He always seems to hit the mark and seems to be moving forward with the mix of filmmaking and skateboarding, like Spike Jonze did back in the day.


The No Comply Network is a great avenue to connect art and skateboarding together and it will help a new generation of skaters who may not know how deep the connection between skate culture and creativity understand it more. I think its rad.


I’m a little bit self conscious about the things I make, because I know they can be better, I guess its that, which keeps me going.