Felix is a skateboarder and bootmaker from London


I think that skateboarding has taught me to be patient, which I apply daily to making boots and shoes.


I mainly use skateboarding to clear my head when I have to much boot on my mind.


Also you look at most things slightly differently being a skateboarder, Like for example, where most people see a bench to sit on, a skateboarder sees a ledge to grind. I think this helps with my creative process for making boots.


I feel very inspired by Max Schaff. He builds some cool looking bikes. Motorcycles and that culture influence a lot of my work. I hope he will want a pair of my boots one day!


The No Comply Network is a very good idea to help the community.


I’m currently establishing my own brand of boots which will have its own website soon. I am also doing courses on how to make shoes, so that I can teach others how to make there own shoes and help them to understand just how much work goes into making them.


With Felix Jouanneau boots I am attempting to make an extremely hard wearing product that could potentially last you a life time if looked after properly and trying to stay way from the throw away fashion that sadly is very prevalent today.