Jerome is a pro skater and photographer


I really feel that skateboarding and photography, although, obviously incredibly different, share heaps of similarities.


I guess the most fundamental connection between the two is creative vision.


In both you’re always constantly searching for that one image, or spot, or that one line or sequence that looks and feels right. The final outcome and the overall creative processes definitely share many qualities.


The feeling I get from waiting for hours in the darkroom to make that one perfect image is the same as when I’m trying a trick on my board over and over again.I want to get them both as good as possible.


To me, Polar is always an inspiration for me to shoot and to skate. I think there’s a brilliant creative head at the helm.


Although, I do like artwork from other skate brands too and I think Welcome Skateboards graphics are always good too.


I think The No Comply Network is cool man, I haven’t peeped everything you’ve done so far, but I think the idea is dope. It’s really nice to see what folks are up to within skateboarding. We’re a creative bunch aint’ we!


Right now, I’m just cracking on with my photography. I have plans to put on a show with large scale screen printed images but I’m not rushing anything. I also want a make a little iPhone clip, nothing serious, just a fun clip with the boys.