Dwayne is a skateboarder and artist based in London

I don’t want to make ‘skart’ – I think most skate-art is pretty bad and repetitive but I don’t wanna say that it doesn’t influence my work. I guess the main things that bleed into my work from skateboarding are more subtle, like the colloquial language we use, styles and trends and the pressures to be ‘legit’ in our social-scene.


There’s a few things that are inspiring me in skateboarding right now are. Jake Harris’ Atlantic Drift series are really killing it for me right now, pretty inspiring, and my close friends Joshua Checkley and Josh Whitelaw who are also skaters, are always amazing guys to chat with about art, swap ideas and go through projects together.


I Think The No Comply Network is a very positive concept, which is necessary during our current politic climate. Anything that is encouraging creativeness and collaboration is always a good thing.


I have a few things lined for the future but nothing I want to announce just yet. I want to keep making work I like that is important to me.