George is a skateboarder and film-maker based in London


I guess when I’m filming I try to make everything look as interesting and captivating as possible.


For me that means getting super close to the person I’m filming and in front of them too if possible. I like to create a lot of movement in the shot to keep the viewer interested.


In my opinion the VX1000 is the perfect camera to film skateboarding. The colours are great, as is the mic and with a good fisheye, you can produce really engrossing footage.


The VX documents the fast-paced nature of street skating really well.


There’s quite a few people and brands within skateboarding that inspire me right now; the work of Zach Chamberlain, Colin Read, Yoan, Leo and all the Magenta Skateboards & Minuit dudes, my g Rémi Luciani from Marseille, Josh Stewart, Quentin Guthrie, Josh Roberts, Jeremy Elkin, the Toriotoko edits, the Tightbooth Production stuff, and all the Gx1000 clips.


Also my mate Finn, he does the GCS edits and their super good and always jokes.


Growing up I was always keen on the old Blueprint Skateboards videos too, especially WFTW.


In London, I’ve always followed Jake Harris and Henry Edwards Wood‘s work since I started skating, as they were filming gnarly stuff at spots so close to my house in South East London. That got me hyped to really check out every back street and estate in search of hidden gems.


Also my mate Finn, he does the GCS edits and their super good and always really jokes.


Recently I’ve been most hyped on the Pillo wheels video ‘Conexiones’. Those guys killed it. I love videos like that in which the whole scene is documented and everyone has a clip or two.


The No Comply Network is a definitely sick thing to have in skateboarding. It encourages collaboration and is a great platform to get creative, like-minded people together, to work on projects, and that can only be a good thing in our community.


I got a new VX last November so we’ve pretty much been out as much as possible over the winter filming for the Serious Adult video.


My mate Jack Soden has come out of a two year hibernation and is finally skating again too which is rad.


He’s filmed some really sick stuff for that which I’m hyped to release, but probably won’t be for a little while.