Cosmo is a skateboarder, singer-songwriter from South London


I think the relationship between skateboarding and making art is an important one.


Because the skateboard can be an instrument too and you can make sounds and movements out of it that you never imagined when you started, just like playing the guitar.


I don’t really think I get inspired to create directly by any skate brands, companies or artists and now that I think about it maybe not from any skate music, art or films.


The definitive way skateboarding has influenced my creativity is that it has given me an understanding of how to fail and fail again until I make something happen.


I think The No Comply Network is a rad way to influence the youth of skateboarding and inspire people to make art, music and film and to help introduce them to other artists.


Also, any potential collaborations between skaters can always result in a serious amount of greatness. I’ve just released an EP in January called ‘Just Cosmo’ and I am always gigging up London.