Greg is a skater who runs Serious Adult skate company


I’m a decorator and in my spare time I draw, what I hope, are funny insights into the skateboarding community.


I think skating as a hobby, pastime or whatever is pretty silly when you think about it and I try to highlight the humour in that.


Skateboarding, design and illustration go hand in hand. As a young kid you pick a board because you think the graphic is the coolest and most fun, not because of the shape or concave. That changes as you get older but the visual side of it always remains important.


As a skater you have to create your own fun and that’s why it has great parallels with any sort of creative art. It has a DIY approach which speaks to a lot of people and makes you want to go and create your own little subculture within a subculture.


The No Comply Network is great. Anything that highlights the creative side of skating above pushing product and advertising is always welcome and well received. Aside from the gossip. which although is an integral and always pleasurable part of skating, as a community, skaters, band together to support each other like no other subculture.


Obviously we need money to sustain our industry, but if the community is close enough that everyone can support the little man, then The No Comply Network is a great example of that. That said, support a little man and buy my tee shirts, my decorating work has gone very quiet lately and my trainers are starting to wear thin…