Jack is a skater and filmer for Palace Skateboards


Generally my creative process when I film skateboarding is that I try to make the spot that I’m filming at look good and get the best angles. Usually I attempt to get the front of the skater in shot because I think it looks better that way.


I film long lense wherever I can because people like filming lines, which involves using a fisheye lense and you need variation with when you make your final edit. I also sketch when I can and always have really but I’ve always thought trying to turn my artwork into a career would take the relaxing part of it away and drawing shit can be really therapeutic.


At the moment I’m mega hyped on art by Jeremy Jones.


When I was studying, I was into this artist called Robert Rauschenberg who used a lot of found objects, so Jeremy Jones’ wild griptape art with characters like Top Cat and Hong Kong Phooey hiding in the madness of colour is looking good to me right now.


In regards to film I’ve always been a fan of Josh Stewart and his Static video series and the gritty east coast videos of R.B Umali in his early work for Zoo York. I guess the look of the spots is rough and rugged like the UK.


Habitat skateboard’s classic video, Mosaic, always inspires me to go out and film, there’s lots of interesting angles and editing to be inspired by. I think


The No Comply Network is an amazing thing to have within skateboarding.


Untainted by luminous Mountain Dew money, with that pure essence of skateboarding at heart,is something worth championing today. It’s introduced me to talents that I never knew people had.


For the moment, all my time is split between filming VHS and filming VX skate footage. The VHS is for the eagerly awaited Palace Skateboards video where I’ll be adding to the heaps of footage that Morph, Lev and Dan have already filmed but everybody already knows to look out for that.