Grant is a skateboarder and illustrator from Hereford


I’m an illustrator at heart but I like to dabble with moving image, film, graphic design and photography. It’s great to learn new skills.


I definitely think skateboarding helps me to learn new things creatively. Its given me experience in putting work in and pushing myself as hard as I can towards making an end product. There’s not much better than learning a new trick and nailing it for the first time and I take that to my artwork.


Skateboarding’s been with me for most my life, It’s the reason I am who I am today.


Early on, I was always drawn to the American side of it, I was into artists like Ed Templeton, Neckface, Mark “The Gonz” Gonzales and the RVCA Artist Network Program and they have became influences.


I feel that skateboarding nowadays is a little more mature right now though, I’m really into the stuff Isle Skateboards are putting out, I think their aesthetic is great!


It’s also really nice to see less serious and more playful companies flourishing like, Welcome Skateboards and Polar who are smashing it.


The No Comply Network is rad, so rad!I’m super stoked to be a part of it.


I’ve also been a part of Generic Greeting Collective who collaborate with one another and put on events.


I think combining the two into a network is a really smart move, and using social media the way it should be used to connect people from all over is just great!


Right now, I’m in the early stages of producing a cartoon, this won’t be finished for another year or so though I don’t think. I’m also currently working on a project called “HATE SELF” which is a happy project about being sad.


It’s basically setting up a platform for artists who I think are really great and getting them to produce zines, prints, t-shirts along the theme of “ Life is OK, we are just doing it wrong”.