Phil is a skater and filmmaker who lives in Malmo Sweden


I wish I could be more creative on my skateboard but I’m pretty rubbish…


So, I guess the creative opportunity for me comes when I get to live vicariously through people I skate with who are better or more original than me on a plank.

In terms of skating and creativity I guess it takes a bit of lateral thinking to see an obstacle as skateable in the first place?


But then again, lots of skaters skate the same, so it takes something special to be original on a board without being too circusy if you know what I mean.


Skate culture has its own language so you just need to tweak something someone else has done for it to be reinterpreted. I usually get most stoked when I know the artist behind something as it gives an extra layer of meaning to it.


So with that said I’m very stoked on the music my mate Andrew Gibbons (Gibbo) has been making lately – he did most of the soundtrack for The Panoramic Series and all of it for Lightbox and the most recent stuff he’s been producing has been excellent so I’m stoked to find a nice fit for his songs.


 Mike O’Shea is a very inspiring dude to me. If you know Mike at all and then see his illustrations you can see how completely authentic they are. You can throw Craig “Questions” Scott in there just with his whole outlook to life


I’m not sure whether I’m inspired by art just because someone skateboards.


I don’t know if there’s such a special relationship there for me.


Skating traditionally attracted weirdos and it also attracted people who produce unorthodox material.


Skate culture can be fussy, if something is not authentic it doesn’t really last too long or gets called out, so there seems to be an unspoken standard that exists in the culture.


I think The No Comply Network is rad! If it can provide people with a helping hand or help get their work out there then it can only be a good thing! Props!


I have a few new projects that I’ve been working on that I have to wait to put out so hopefully they’ll see the light of day in the new year.