Serious Sam Barrett is an artist and skateboarder from Yorkshire, England who makes awesome rock music. He’s always making music, playing gigs or touring and skateboarding. He’s been skating for over thirty years. 

Sam is as serious about skateboarding as he is about making music so we caught up with him to discover his favourite things about skating in Yorkshire, how he discovered a love for music, his upcoming new album releases and why he’s only listening to hip hop and dancehall right now



What’s your full name, where did you grow up and were do your reside now?

Samuel Timothy Barrett.

I grew up in the dales village of Addingham, I now live just down the river in Otley, which is just northwest of Bradford and Leeds.



When did you learn to skate and who did you originally skate with?

I had a board and skated around all through the late 80s but I properly started in 95. I started skating with another lad from Addingham. My best friend at the time Matt.

Very soon after I was skating with Danny Tapper, Rory Mckenzie and then Bradford lads like Graham “G” Walton (R.I.P.), Roz, Alun Evans, Alex Bird, Rob Chilton, Doug and Rich and of course Lois and Cora.



Where do you skate now?

My local park in Otley, the curb round the corner from my house, Hyde Park, Micklefield and now and again at the Preston park with Frosty or New Bird.



When did you first get into creating music?

I’ve always played music. I grew up wanting to play like my Dad and my Uncle who were great folk guitar players.

I learned a lot from watching them. I always dreamed of being a musician for a living but like a lot of people I was convinced it was just a stupid dream until I hit the age of 23 or so and decided to dedicate myself to music completely.



You’ve travelled around the UK playing music. Where is your favourite place to skate that you’ve been?

My favorite spot was always the now deceased T&A banks in Bradford.

New Bird is amazing just because it’s a physical manifestation of the strength and resilience of the skate scene in Liverpool. That’s got to be my favourite place now.



Do you have any upcoming releases or tours that you would like to mention?

I brought out a new album “Where The White Roses Grow” in February so It’ll be while before I bring out a new one now.

I have a few tours coming up though. European tour in late June, USA in Late July and August and UK with James the Fang in September.



Who is your favourite photographer of all-time and why?

Reece Leung because he’s got good manners and lovely hair.



What’s your favourite skate video of all time and why?

That’s a tough one. That would have to be Think Damage.

It’s not talked about a lot nowadays but it was the first video I ever owned. It had Dan Drehobl, Wade Speyer, Phil Shao, Duane Peters. Such a rad video. A close second would be Mouse and then Destination Unknown.



Favourite Skate Illustrator of all-time

Russ Sketchstance Longmire



Favourite TV show ever and why?

The Royle Family. It’s moving, funny, sad, powerful stuff and a great document of Northern Culture.



Favourite artists of all time?

Dave Tyson



Who do you think makes the best music?

The only new music I really listen to is Hip Hop and Dancehall to be honest.

My brother is involved with a record label based in Manchester called Swing Ting that put on nights and put out records influenced by sound system culture.

He keeps me up to speed with new hip hop from the Bay area and the South of the states. Lil Boosie, Kodak Black, stuff like that.



The best skate video soundtrack of all time?

Girl, Mouse



Favourite skate illustrator ever?

Tim Kerr. I’ve been lucky enough to tour and play with Tim, he’s a Texas ditch skating pioneer and has been in many important bands such as Big Boys and Poison 13. Incredible artist.



Any plans for the future that you would like the people out there to know about?

I’m going to be coming to your town and doing the stiffest, stinkenest early grabs you’ve ever seen so be warned.



What do you think about The No Comply Network since you’ve joined?

It’s a one stop shop for all the creative stuff that skaters do. My hat’s off to you man. It’s an incredible thing.

Shout outs to RWTB, LBP, The Pine Hill Haints, my wife and family and everyone that skates