Tim is a skateboarder, DOP based in California

“For me, EVERYTHING boils back to skateboarding. Skateboarding and filming skateboarding has defined the way I see the world and it doesn’t matter if I’m shooting a commercial, television show, feature film, etc — It continues to shape the framework on whatever project I have at hand.

When I’m thinking about stuff in the skate world that gets me inspired to create new work I would say I love #thenineclubshow! What Chris Roberts, Roger Bagley, Kelly Hart and Eric Longden are doing is beyond awesome!

I think The No Comply Network is a good thing. Anything that brings people together & helps promote positivity is super rad in my book.

I’d like everyone to know that in June of 2018, for it’s 20-year anniversary, I will be re-releasing the independent skateboarding video I made called ‘Listen’. The video was well received in its day, & fingers crossed the new generation of skateboarders will also embrace it.