James Harris is a skater and filmer from Bristol


Most people know me as a skateboard videographer, which is something I’m extremely passionate about. I’ve worked on many skateboard company videos and a few independent projects.


My day job consists of creating cancer and science-based videos.


These are used in a non-biased way to educate and inform doctors, professors and people suffering with cancer on the latest oncology news, research and developments.


My approach and creative process towards skateboard film-making has changed over the years. I think I’ve finally found a style and approach that works for me!


I try to add as much movement into the shot as possible, giving the footage a look that is quick and gets across, in my opinion, all the main points of a spot and the trick. I try to make use of the whole frame with the skateboarder’s movement, the spot and any surrounding architecture.


My skateboarding camerawork isn’t as focused on composition or making things look pretty or sugarcoated.


Whilst this is of course something that is very important, I aim to present skateboarding in an honest way that is hopefully interesting to the viewer that lends itself to a more pacy style.


I absolutely love Jeremy Elkin’s work, especially Elephant Direct, the flow and look of the video is exactly what I’m looking for in a video. He presents the skateboarders in a very honest way, and his camera work and editing have a relatable style that is both carefully thought out, yet loose and free.


Two more film-makers that I’ve always been inspired by are Ryan Gray and Kevin Parrott. I’ve put these two together because they have very similar qualities. They both present skateboarding in a very creative way and are some of the most hard-working skate filmers in the UK. The look and feel of their camerawork is perfect in terms of speed, composition and character. I advise you to watch their video Albion and see for yourself!


I’ve also released a full-length DVD project called Little Paradise. The main stars of the show are Jess Young, Andy Coleman, Nicky Howells, Josh “Manhead” Young and Dave Snaddon.


With The No Comply Network, I could potentially be one or two connections away from finding the people and pieces I require to make a project work!


The No Comply Network is a superb idea. Giving people the chance to collaborate and get the opportunity to network with like-minded creatives is something that we need. The amount of times I’ve had to trawl through the internet in search of music for video is insane!