Neddy is a skater and filmmaker based in Oxford, England


There’s always been a strong relationship between skateboarding and making films. I think watching UK videos like Blueprint’s WFTW, the Viewfinder series and First Broadcast got me hyped on VX1000 MK1 setups so I have drifted from that over the years but always ended up back with one.


I think trying to emulate the rough spots that we skate in England has always been part of my creative process. I would always like to make sure it’s obvious that any clip I filmed was shot in the UK.


The original Blueprint and Unabomber teams always inspired me. I think a lot of clips filmed by Daniel Magee, Neil Chester, Matthew Hirst, Atlantic Drift, Isle Skateboards Jacob Elliott Harris and Josh Stewart‘s Theories of Atlantis ‘ has inspired a generation of people to pick up a camera and ‘make’ something’. It’s a shame the full length video is dying out.


I really like The No Comply Network! Anything that features Shaun Currie is amazing!


I like the fact that No Comply promotes people you may otherwise not have heard of. Its great to get rad individuals involved under one umbrella. Especially with the constant stream of content these days, makes it easier to find new people and passions to engage with.


At the moment in Oxford me and the crew have a rad DIY spot to skate so getting something together for that.


Although we filmed a full-length DVD in 2011, and have done long online edits since it would be nice to work on another full-length project. Just need to piece together a crew. Finally found my feet again after being away in Barcelona for 2 years.