Jacopo is a skater and photographer who lives in Barcelona


My name is Jacopo, I grew up in Northern Italy and have lived here in Barcelona for the last ten years.


I first started to skate in the late nineties in my hometown with a bunch of local friends.I work with video and photo and I love to shoot street photography on 35mm


While skating and filming skateboarding in the streets I’ve been in a lot of places and I’ve seen a lot of weird stuff and I felt I needed to capture that in some way, from that moment I started to put my dad’s old 35mm camera in my backpack to document what I was witnessing every day.


I guess skateboarding forced me to create something more with what I do and what I’m able to do.


What you do inspires you in what you create, so I guess everything is pretty connected. I always looked to the work of skaters/artists such as Glen Friedman, Ed Templeton, J Grant Brittain, Jason Lee, Patrick Wallner, Mark Gonzales, Michael Sieben or Spike Jonze as an inspiration.


Nowadays what my friend Rafael Gonzalez is doing is inspiring me too.


I think The No Comply Network is an interesting and effective way to connect and inspire people inside the skate community to make art and show what they do.


At the moment I’m working on my own independent fanzine, Adult Toys, a DIY printed fanzine street culture and skate related publication and I’m finishing an edit of an animated skate video featuring my friend Francesco Salini.