Vaughan is a skater and artist from England.

When I think about the relationship of skateboarding, making art and making stuff, I think, yeah of course, I mean it might be different person to person, but for myself it’s purely a form of expression.., not quite the same for everyone as they are both a completely different process physically and mentally…But yeah, expression is key to me.

I do get a lot of inspiration from skate brands but then again I think everything around me is an inspiration. Whether it be something that a friend tells me, a song I like at the moment or whether it’s raining or sunny outside.

The list goes on, inspiration relates to anything that makes you feel a certain way I guess. The No Comply Network is great and building a community around what we all do inside and outside of skateboarding is amazing!

I’ve only recently starting finding some time to start creating again so I’m really trying to recreate a good base of some kind of work that is representable