Callum Sidlauskas is a skater and artist from Birmingham


I’m a big fan of Polar and Fucking Awesome and think they’ve always got it on point. Music is an inspiration to me. I always like listening to tunes to get me in the vibe when creating but sometimes I’ll hear a bar or something on a sample and how I could recreate visually, what’s being said could so I guess music is a big influence for me while I’m making things.


The No Comply Network is dope. No Comply helps to push the UK scene and it highlights everyone out there who is killing it on their boards. I think it’s a great way for us all to communicate and get to see what other skaters are doing both on the board and creatively in other aspects, I like it man! And the event at Fastlands was poppin’, I don’t think I’ve seen that many skateboarders in Brum aha!


Currently I’m just keeping up to date with my uni work haha, but should have a few tings goin down in the year with Wavey Ice and Bene Culture with cdawg aha, an jus finishing up some stuff with BMAG, an starting to film for The This is Birmingham video too!