Nelson is a skateboarder and oil painter from Arizona


My creative process has always been what skateboarder, or skate image gets me hyped me the most.


I have to find that perfect reference image of them that makes me say, “Hell yeah, I really want to paint this.”


Otherwise, your forcing yourself to come back to a painting. The stoke has to be there from the get-go.


Todd Francis has been a huge impact on me, lately.


For a while, there was this huge pressure to learn graphic design in order to continue my art career. But, watching Todd do his thing assures me that fine art is not dead.


The No Comply Network is much needed for helping artists like me create a platform for themselves. I can name a hand full of skate artists on Instagram that do not receive half the recognition they deserve.


I’ve just had my first art show a few weeks back! The good people at Rov Rideshop are kind enough to let me and three other skate artists display our work.


If it wasn’t for our tight knit skate community I don’t know where I would be.