Keith is a skater and photographer based in Vancouver, Canada


My father is a great artist so I had a really creative upbringing and skateboarding and photography obviously played a major role in my life from an early age and I’m so grateful my parents supported my decisions.


There’s creativity in every aspect of skateboarding, board graphics, video parts and magazines, just being a small part of that – You can’t help but be inspired by skateboarding.


I like The Gonz’s artwork because it’s just true to him.

I love watching the old Alien Workshop videos and get stoked on seeing anything new from William Strobeck.


As for local inspiration, a few of my friends who skate also tattoo, so it’s great to see them working their ass off to pursue their passions. It makes me really want to work hard when I see how much time they dedicate to it.


The No Comply Network is a great thing.


It’s awesome to see the support group skaters build for one another. I had a mentor when I was younger, he taught me a lot about photography and I met just about everybody I know through him.


If you want to pursue something it helps to have a support group behind you for motivation and inspiration. Let’s all help one another!


I’m going to continue to shoot skateboarding as a passion of mine, but I’m also going to explore other avenues in photography.


I’m planning on moving out to Toronto to shoot more fashion and editorial, which I’m also really inspired by. I’m just trying to pursue photography as a career. I don’t want to be put in a category – I want to shoot it all!