Dylan is a skater and illustrator living in New York


I do a lot of traditional woodcut printmaking and screen printing. Lately I’ve developed a digital style which helps when working on illustrations with clients.


I worked part-time but a year ago I dropped it all to focus on my own work and freelance illustration business.


Skateboarding and making art are the only ways I know how to spend my time. Creating art all day can be an isolating experience.


Skating’s the opposite for me – I’m outside in the sun with a big group of friends. But having the two gives me balance. They are both creatively fulfilling and frustrating. I’ve met countless friends and travelled more than I ever thought through skating and my illustration work can be traced back through skate experiences and connections.


I discovered illustrations and graphics by Jeremy Fish, Todd Francis and Andy Jenkins in skate magazines and I’ve been inspired ever since.


Dennis Mcnett @wolfbat was a printmaking teacher at my school and I discovered he had done this rad series of wolf boards for @antihero18 and I started to work with him as his assistant.


Dennis taught me pretty much everything I know about printmaking and showed me it was possible to make art as your job without working for someone else in a 9-5 office setting.


Pat Smith’s @codaskateboards is rad. A lot goes into each board series, 3 or 4 artists are involved each drop. I’ve been riding those boards for about five years and do graphics and art direction for them.


The No Comply Network is rad, it’s always inspiring to discover new artists work and even more fun if you can relate beyond skateboarding. If we’re not talking about art, skating or dogs I’m probably sitting there in silence.


My second book should be available at the end of the year. It’s a collection of woodcut and linocut illustrations of animal parodies of classic country music album covers.