Sophia is a photographer who works at CERN in Geneva


When I shot photographs for LLSB I met a bunch of creative people and skateboarding really pushed my photography.


There’s a strong relationship between skateboarding and photography. The best part of photographing skaters is being able to share the photos with them and seeing their reaction. Some skaters don’t realise that I’ve taken a photo of them so they are surprised when I upload them to social media.


Skate photos let skaters see exactly how they look when doing a trick and gets them excited to land the trick. I don’t really see the images I shoot as just my own; I believe the skater owns a part of it as well.


I just got a job at CERN in Geneva as junior photographer. I’m super excited but also extremely nervous, but I’m sure it will be a great experience.


I will miss London like crazy, especially Southbank which was like a second home to me for 2 years. It has such a positive vibe and changes every day. I’m sure Geneva has some place I’ll come to love but nothing compares to SB.


The No Comply Network is an amazing project and will benefit creatives in the skate scene who don’t have many connections or know how to get media coverage for their own work. I think it a great way to bring people together, as well as creating opportunities for collaborations and other projects.