Jim is a skater and filmmaker from Manchester


For me, skateboarding is intrinsically linked with the need to document the act itself.


I got into filming skateboarding because as a kid the ‘filmer guy’ in my crew gave it up, but I felt strongly that somebody needed to be capturing all of the outrageous shit my mates were doing, so I borrowed his camera and then bought my own.


Since then I haven’t really stopped doing that. The people I film or shoot photos of might be different, but the mentality driving what I do stays the same.


My inspirations from skateboarding are people like Josh Stewart, Sem Rubio, Mark Gonzales, Chris Mulhern, Valentine Kuhl, Joe Gavin, Pontus Alv, Stu Bentley, Paul Rice, Greg Hunt, Sam Ashley, Fos, Spike Jonze, Phil Evans, Mark Kendrick, Colin Read, Keanu Robson, Kyle Platts, Henry Kingsford, Craig Scott, Chris Bourke, Mike O’Shea, Soy Panday, Jed, Sean Lomax, Joe O’Donnell, Jacob Harris, Leo Sharp, Sarcus Nevarc, DVL, Dan Magee, Joel Peck, Lewis Brownlie and Fred Mortagne


I think The No Comply Network is a great idea.


Skateboarders traditionally make links locally and I’m currently collaborating with artists and musicians on projects myself, but expanding that concept using the internet so that geography isn’t important anymore makes a lot of sense and will hopefully lead to loads of great results.


I’ve been working on my own video for the last 3 years which will be out before the end of the year, with parts from Joe O’Donnell, Joel Peck, Tom Day, Neil Worthington, Valentine Kuhl, James Gell and Ben Rowles.


It’s based in Manchester but filmed all over the UK, and I’m really excited to get it out there so that people can slag it off on the internet.


Other than that, I’ve been working with the UK Heroin team filming for the ‘Bath Salts’ video that’s out in November.


They’ve all been killing it so I’m looking forward to seeing the finished results of that one. I don’t really have any plans for the future though, I’m still working on that one!