Kyle is a skateboarder and illustrator based in London

I spend most of my life drawing but there is also other stuff, like skateboarding, eating, drinking, breathing, having sex with a lady. I give money to homeless people (once), I’m a great person.

There’s nothing about the act of skateboarding that relates to my art, but there is so much in the culture of skateboarding that pertains to the way my work looks and it’s sentiment.Skateboarding grew out of a counter culture and artists that have that background often produce iconoclastic work that aims to challenge established beliefs.I think the way The No Comply Network is creating unity in the skate community through that common belief can only be a good thing.

I’m really inspired by the artistic output of skater illustrator, James Jarvis –

I’ve just started working with an animator called Andy Baker, and we recently finished our first project. It should be out on Channel 4 soon.

I’m going to keep drawing, obviously, I’m already doing my dream job, but I’m aiming to work in animation and video more. I like the idea of making music too, I just want to do everything.

I’ve just done a board with Blast Skates and I wanna do more boards, designing a board is probably the most gratifying brief I’ve ever had. I’d also like to design a car, like Homer in that episode of The Simpsons, it would come out all stinking and cost a million pounds.

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