Nicolas is a skateboarder, artist and filmmaker from Argentina


I am the editor-in-chief of Detiro skatezine, an autogestive, open call, fanzine to promote local and around the country skate artists for free.


I also founded Escoba Films with some friends as an independent producer for skate videos and more.


I always try to apply the same creative process that I use for my art just the same way for skateboarding, filming and every aspect in my life i get the chance to do it.


In my videos I want to show the creativity of skateboarders, their abilities and also their own interpretation of skating in relation with the urban display.


Just like in my art I try to do pretty much the same, skateboarding is the prime fuel for every art form I do.


Pretty much every skater that makes some art form inspires me, from every place on earth or time even if they paint, film, take pictures or if they just skate and do crazy stuff on their four wheel wood toy, its all I need to keep doing what i do.


I believe that The No Comply Network is the perfect way to connect skate artists around the world, I hope it will help me and everyone involved to get their art connected with each other and more?


This year with Escoba Films we were working on a new production called Orvidensen; and it’s gonna be released later this year.