George is a skateboarder and illustrator based in Ipswich


I think skateboarding culture directs almost all of what I make as an illustrator. Most of my inspiration comes from who I meet and see when I’m out and about, the conversations we have and hear.


It’s fun to go out on a street mission and bump into and spot some real characters that I can then use for reference for something that I am drawing at the time.
I also have a lot of creative friends within skateboarding so it’s rad to have a community to bounce ideas with and get inspired by.

I get a lot of inspiration from Jim Phillips and the old Santa Cruz Skateboards graphics, as well as more contemporary artists like Ed Templeton.


Jim Phillips is just rad on all levels, his line work and bold colours are just perfect for skateboarding and have definitely helped shape the way I like to work, even though its a few decades before my time.


I also really like what Polar Skate Co. have been doing with their graphics too, especially the Jacob Ovgren work from a few years back which was so innocent looking but so sinister at the same time!


I also love Polar’s approach to film-making, just a bunch of friends having a good time skating around and also being very good at it.


 I think I’ve been following The No Comply Network since the beginning!


I’ve discovered a bunch of skaters who I didn’t know made art as well as being really good at skating. Its always rad to see skaters being promoted and celebrated for their art, so I’m stoked to be included.