Zered is a pro skater who creates street art as Paper Skaters

I’ve been into photography for half my life and over the past few years have been doing a project called Paper Skaters.

Paper Skaters is mostly street art that I’ve been making with the photos I shoot. Cutting, then pasting images in the street where they fit to look realistic. But have also been making collages and whatever else comes to mind with the photos.


I think the relationship between skateboarding and making art is very tight. Most of my life as a skateboarder has been thinking of a trick, filming it, then editing it to look a certain way.


And that is the same process when making my art.


Shooting an image, finding a place to paste it, then taking the final photo of it as I originally saw it before I started. It’s the same satisfaction of thinking of an idea, then trying your best to recreate it as it was in your head.


I mostly get inspired by the images I shoot. I might not know at the time what I will do with the photograph, but after looking at it for awhile the ideas will start flowing


I think your network is great. It’s always important to connect people that are in the same worlds. Musicians, artists, and skaters are very similar in the way we go about making something come to life. We are all doing the same thing if you think about it, and if we’re all communicating even better.


My plans for the future are to continue what I’ve been doing and to meet and work with other creators to make ideas come to life.