Sam is a skater, singer-songwriter and guitar player


Yeah, I get inspiration to write songs when I feel alive and skateboarding makes me feel alive.


On top of that, nearly all my friends are skateboarders and so it’s a big part of my life and has shaped where I go and what I do so it’s always going to feed into my music. The act of skateboarding is really pure and it brings you down to earth. You make the trick or you slam and get hurt. The purity of that is really inspiring.


I’ve always thought that skaters that make music have a totally unique and fresh approach. I think it attracts people with a no-bullshit approach to creating music and art. I don’t know anything about art but when I see art that skaters create it seems real and direct and I can understand it.


I’ve mainly been inspired by skaters who I actually know. Cold Ones were a great example. I love punk but I find a lot of punk bands are sort of going through the motions. When Cold Ones came out the played like they didn’t care what else was going on in punk. They were pure and fresh sounding.


I love the way Ray Barbee plays guitar. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Tommy Guerrero too. You can tell they are skaters by the way they play.


The No Comply Network is awesome man. Skaters tend to be creative people but they aren’t always the best at putting themselves out there. Any platform that helps skaters to show what they can do creatively is a great thing.