Daniel Castillo, Frontside 360, Shot by Seu Trinh


Daniel Castillo is one of the most stylish skaters to ever do it, who has skated for Chocolate Skateboards since it began.

His unique style and tricks have inspired skaters to switch it up for three decades and his ability to skate anything with a smooth style knows no bounds.

He’s also the owner of his own clothing brand Couch Surf Co.

Since Daniel is now a member of The No Comply Network, we hit up him to talk about Couch Surf Co, Daewon, World, Girl and Chocolate, Spike Jonze, Keenan Milton, Frontside 360’s and his best tricks and favourite skate moments of all-time.



What’s your full name?

Daniel B. Castillo.



Where did you grow up and learn to skate?

I learned how to skate in Mar Vista California which is near West Los Angeles and Venice Beach. I still live there to this day.



You skated for World and had a part in Love Child. What do you remember from those days?

Skating for World?

Those days were so fun. No worries at all back then. Just skating and go to school.

No real responsibilities. They were good times.



In the 90s you made the switch from World to Chocolate. Did you think Girl would grow so big?

At the time I knew that we would be a successful brand.

Just from knowing all the skaters on the team I felt we had something really good going.



Favourite Girl/Chocolate video ever?

My favourite skate video is Mouse because at the time, as a team, we were a really tight group.

We skated with each other all the time, so that’s why you see a lot of the same spots in that video.

In that era we would roll deep to skate spots!



Favourite skater on Chocolate?

Probably me just because…Hahaha!



How did you meet Spike Jonze?

I actually met Spike before I got on Chocolate. He was still involved with World Industries when I got on.

The first tour I ever been on was with World and he was on that trip. Most of that trip was shown in the Love Child Video. Then when Chocolate started Spike was already doing music videos and some movies too at the time. Man that dude is like a grown-up kid.



What’s Spike like to hang with?

Spike likes to have fun.

Most of the time we would film with him we wouldn’t have permits to film at the spot but he would light shit on fire!

We would all be trippin!

“Like oh shit the cops are gonna come!”.

Spike is rad.



What was it like skating with Keenan Milton?

I would always skate and hang out with Keenan. He was the best dude to be around with, he was always smiling and laughing. His laugh would make you laugh, ya know what I mean. I miss that guy.



Best trick you ever saw Keenan do?

There are so many but the one that sticks out to me was the Switch Back Heel over the table at Lockwood.

I was there that day and he did that trick in like 3 tries. I remember after he landed it, he turned to me and said “ Oh that’s your shit!” And I was like…“Man you just took it to a whole other level”



Do you have a favourite skate video of all-time?

Video Days.



When did you start Couch Surf Co?

My friend and I, Marshall Torres, have been running CouchSurf Co since 2017.



What kinds of product do you make?

Right now we are just making hoodies, hats and shirts.

It’s available at some shops but mainly through our site CouchSurfco.com



Who designs the graphics?

We will both come up with ideas and he will usually execute the design and get it produced.



What’s the ethos behind the brand?

Just a nice company that makes comfortable stuff.



Your good mates with Daewon. Do you have a story about his skating you’ve never told before?

Oh man, so many… I’ve seen him do fifty Blunts to Fakie in a row on a mini ramp before.



Favourite Daewon trick?

Shoot man, Daewon is one of the best ever on a board. I can’t really pinpoint one trick but I do like it when he does Judo Airs and Tre Flips. Pretty much anything that dude does on a board is sick.



You’ve got one of the best FS 360s. How did you learn it and what’s the secret to doing it right?

Thank you! I seriously learned that trick from watching the Donger’s aka Kien Lieu’s part in the Life Video.

Donger had the best one in my opinion, so look out for his ones.



What’s the best trick you ever filmed and why?

I would say this line that Colin Kennedy filmed of me in Mexico City. It’s this kind of pyramid type spot.

I do a Frontside 360 Ollie on one hip then a Nollie Front 360 Heelflip on another hip right after.

I like the way I caught the Nollie 360 Heelflip.



Who has your favourite style on a skateboard?

Mark Gonzales



Plans for the future?

Well right now I’m on a train coming from Amsterdam headed to Paris. So right now I’m looking forward to being in Paris!



Sick. Any last words Daniel?

Always tell your family and friends that you love them and just skate and have fun.