William is a skateboarder and artist based in Canada


I skateboard and make stuff. Honestly, I try to get my hands in to everything. Mostly illustration, but I do a bunch of painting, sculpture, motion graphics, furniture design, anything to keep my mind busy.


My BFA major is in Jewelry + Metals design and fabrication, so add that in to the mix…I’ve got a pretty random resume!


To me, one without the other would be impossible. I love the process and intricacies of things, and both skateboarding and art are very loaded with them. I don’t need anybody to do either. No team needed. But then, creating and skating with others can be pretty rad too. If I’m bummed on one, I go to the other… Mental block…Go skate. Hurt or not feeling it…make something. It’s a pretty seamless back and forth.


First and foremost, the homies. I’ve been pretty fortunate to fluke out and find myself surrounded by some really talented people. Somebody is always doing something. As I mentioned, I’m a huge fan of process, so being able to watch projects come together, start to finish is pretty amazing…there’s some pretty solid artists on the network, for sure.


Other than that… Mark Gonzales,

Ed Templeton

Evan Hecox

Lucas Beaufort

Henry Jones

Chris Pastras

Don Pendleton

Pontus Alv

Andy Jenkins

Sean Cliver

Erik Brunetti

James Jarvis

…pack a lunch, this list could take a while.


The No Comply Network? It’s skateboarding and art. How could I not be down?


No Comply is a great way to check out what other people are doing as well as discover a ton of new names and faces that you may have not heard of yet. Any platform that helps artists get their name out is always a plus.