Nathaniel Jones is a skater and graphic designer based in Bristol


My name is Nathaniel Jones. I’m a graphic and apparel designer. Alongside that I sometimes make graphics for brands I’m into like Quartersnacks and The Quiet Life. I also have a side project called Requiem For A Screen and I’ve been working on a new brand that’s launching soon.


I think the relationship between skateboarding art and design is a really important one. I’ve been designing for skate brands for over 15 years so I’ve been sitting in front of a computer thinking about skateboarding, skateboarders and design for most of my working life.


Pretty much everything inspires me. I just have to pick up a skate mag and I’m off. I’ve really been enjoying the slew of new podcasts and epiclylater’d content. I love hearing the stories behind a filming mission or photo. That stuff is perfect to listen to in the background while I’m working.


I think The No Comply Network is a great thing, I find out about so many amazing skaters, photographers and illustrators through Instagram it’s nice to be able to connect the dots with like-minded people.


I think now more than ever it’s really important that skaters really support each other, their local scenes and the skater owned stores that have been the backbone of our community for so long.