Biko is a skater and artist from London


I’ve never really thought about the connection between skateboarding and making art too much. Although, there’s definitely a similarity in the thought process.


In the same way that you might imagine how a skate trick will look and feel, you can visualise how a piece of art might look.


Even though it all may end up coming out differently to how you imagined it, the thought you had still became a reality. Skaters and artists both share this organic sense of self-achievement.


Personally, I like to imagine the flow, composition and impact of a piece before I employ technique or emotion to it. Just like skateboarding, in art, there is no “wrong”. It’s always good to try new things whether you get them right the first time or not.


I think The No Comply Network is wicked.


I’ve always liked the fact that skateboarding respects and celebrates its artists. For me to see upcoming artists and skateboarders getting more exposure on this platform, to help them get more work within the industry is a really cool idea. It’ll help a lot of people and showcase some dope artwork for the people dem.