Harry is a skater and artist who runs DISJOINTED


I think skateboarding and being creative go hand-in-hand.


Skateboarding exposes you to so many things from fashion, filmmaking, photography… the list is endless but even if you don’t get into anything more traditionally creative, it brings your own style out of you. whether its in your work or how you push down the street, only you can skate how you do and thats you create your own style


Right now I am really into Alex Davis’ photography and the cinematography of Brandon Kazma. I have really been into films recently but I have always loved drawings and print.


Dolan Stearns has a sick drawing style and Allie Webb does some amazing Lino prints. She doesn’t skate but I’m shouting her out anyway


The No Comply Network seems like a great platform for people to get some exposure, its rad to have someone willing to shout about young creatives. No Comply seems to just want the scene to grow.


DISJOINTED co. is in early days but its going strong. We are based in Bristol at the moment and we have such a lively scene here who have been very supportive And there are so many dudes who rip.


We launched our first board graphic a few months back now and we are filming for a video to be released in the next year, with a couple of trips planned. There are also plans for more clothing and hardware to come out soon which will involve working closely with some amazing artists you’e definitely going to know about soon.