Chris is a skater who runs Science Skateboards


Skateboarding and creativity go hand in hand. The very nature of skateboarding is to be creative since we utilise the streets and architecture in ways that they were never intended to be used.


Ideas, experience and thoughts combine to create a style, flow and a visual voice. My approach to developing styles for the company is to interpret my understanding of skateboarding into my method of design.


Right now, I’m focusing on finishing up our first full-length video. It features the whole team, San Francisco friends, guest skater friends and more. All edited in a non-superfluous way whilst maintaining our own voice through music, concepts and imagery.


I’ve also completed the new series of deck graphics working with some rad artists based in London, Spain and the US. Mainly hand rendered artwork as opposed to the more sterile vector based digital approach.


My aim has always been to create authentic and inspired, skilled, non-pretentious skateboard graphics with artists who are on that same page. Finding that balance is important to me.


The No Comply Network is needed and is a great contribution. Skateboarding is finally moving away from the bland, sports, style homogenised direction that it was heading towards over the past years and back to the creative, for the love, pure ways of the past and the underground.


There’s something for everyone at the moment, it’s rad . It’s a great way to connect skaters, artists and brands whilst acting as a vessel to promote and champion creativity within skateboarding. I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops and grows.