Gaurab is an illustrator-printmaker based in London.

“I think skateboarding and making art are very similar to certain extents and both are heavily intertwined to me personally, I started skateboarding before I started making art and being exposed to all the visual side of skateboarding made me more interested in making art.

Mark “The Gonz” Gonzales and I guess all my friends inspire me to create more than anyone else. I think that pretty much everyone who skates does something creative and bouncing ideas off each other is always cool.

I think The No Comply Network is a great platform and as we all know skateboarding once had a bad reputation in the past so its good to be a part of group that puts skateboarders who are doing cool, creative things in the limelight. Big up!

At the moment, I’ve got bunch of things down the pipeline with Goma Collective and other editorial works yet to be published. Keep an eye out!”


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