Chase is an artist and skater based in London


I am a skateboarder with creative tendencies, trying to battle a procrastination habit.


My creative approach to art is similar to my approach to skateboarding in that I like to exercise total freedom in how I approach both things, and how far to push those things out of my comfort zone depending on the day. Painting, mosaic, photography or whatever. I can also see that approach in most of my friends who skate and their creative impulses outside of skateboarding.


A ‘choose your own adventure’ type thing. I guess skateboarding teaches you to be free thinking so it makes sense.


There are several skateboarders that inspire me.


My old skate mate Caedron Burchfield has been relentless with his paintings recently!


He inspires me creatively but also just to keep up with him! Check his work out. I have also been interested by the paintings of Brian Lotti more recently. The simplicity and playfulness of his painting technique and chosen subjects are cool.


Tommy Guerrero and Ray Barbee are two more skaters that inspire, they took the passion and intensity they once focused on skateboarding and applied it to making music instead.


Lottie’s Skate Shop is basically one big art project masked as a core skateshop. What’s not to like?!


The No Comply Network is cool! Skaters tend to have a lot of creative pursuits outside skating.


Nowadays, there are infinite network of platforms where people can check out videos of skateboarding happening all over the globe, so why not have a place designed for the skate community to come check out their creative sidelines?


I like the idea of a place where you can learn from others and share your passions and hobbies both on and off the board.


Well I hope to be doing Frontside Airs before 40! Other than that, I’m just plugging along with this mosaic tile series I’ve been doing and am on the hunt for any sign painting jobs that may arise in the future.