Kevin Romar’s stylish skate tricks are some of the smoothest and gnarliest we’ve ever seen. But alongside his well-recognised skate ability, his recognition as a musician and prowess as a professional DJ has been heard just as loud and clear by us and the thousands of attendees at his gigs and events over the years.

When Kevin is not pushing his clothing company World Premiere Brand, or skating stairs and ledges with his signature effortless style, he’s constantly searching for new sick tracks to play at his next set.

So we hit him up to find out the artists and the songs that motivate him. For his first No Comply playlist, he singled out six skate parts – containing 7 banging tracks that inspired him and that continue to stay incredibly relevant to him on a skateboarding and musical level.

Kevin’s skate section selections, contain classic hiphop bangers and remixes and a timeless soulful number that he’s continued to listen to over the years and would recommend that you should too.

Watch Kevin’s Top 6 skate sections and listen to the songs that soundtrack them to discover what he’s chosen and read his writeup to find out why they inspired him then, now and more.





1. Paul Rodriguez – Girl – Yeah Right

Nas – Get Down & Made You Look

The fact this section combined both Nas tracks and made them fit into one, is amazing in itself.

The transition to the Made You Look track was extremely epic and Paul couldn’t have used any better songs for it, in my opinion.

They did a really good job editing that part as well, making this section number 1 on my list.





2. Evan Hernandez – Digital Everyday 

Ludacris – Growing Pains

I was a super fan of Ludacris when I was a kid. He inspired my Fro, so when Evan, who was also my favourite skateboarder, used that particular track, my mind was blown.

Everything was just so steezy from start to finish and the song added so many bonus points with that track.





3. Antwuan Dixon – Baker 3 

Notorious B.I.G. – Let’s Get It On (Dirty Harry Blend)

This track absolutely went perfectly for Antwuan’s skating.

Plus, how everything was filmed and how Antwuan’s personality is, reminds me of Biggie in itself. This is a classic!





4. Kevin Romar – Blind – This Is Not a Test

Craig Mack – Flava In Ya Ear

I chose this one because why not!





5. Ronnie Creager – Daewon Song vs Rodney Mullen Round 2

Lone Catalyst – Due Process

I think that pretty much the whole Blind section is amazing in this video. The way the DJ mixed all the tracks into making it feel like one was superb. Every track felt fresh and new and the skating to it made them stand out that much more.

When the transition goes from James Craig to Ronnie Creager, the track they used caught my attention when I was a kid and put me in a daze.

It’s really what made me want to skate so much as a kid just by hearing that track come on in that video.I couldn’t get that track when I was kid because it was still a mystery to grab tracks back then. That’s because only certain people had them or they were only on vinyl.

It wasn’t that accessible to get a track as it is now, I think that’s why I fell in love with that track too because it was always a mystery of who was on it.





6. Mark Appleyard – Digital Invasion

Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine

This track went so well with Mark’s skating and I became a fan after this part with this track.

The song also went together perfectly with the slow mo’s to the vocals on the track. This is one of my favourites!





Nas – Get Down – 0:00:00

Nas – Made You Look – 3:57:00

Ludacris – Growing Pains– 7:19:0

Notorious Big – Let’s Get It On (Dirty Harry Blend)– 12:07:00

Craig Mack – Flava In Ya Ear – 13:28:00

Lone Catalyst – Due Process – 17:01:00

Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine– 22:02:00