Angel Acevedo runs Terror Of Planet X. Being from the East Coast USA we were hoping he would send over some iconic skate sections from there for his playlist and he delivered but he also took the time to add a Euro part soundtracked by dope French Hip Hop and a West Coast board brand classic set to Californian psychedelic rock for his mix.

Most of his top nine skate video sections contain 90s and early 00s tracks with iconic skaters like Mike Maldonado, Kevin Taylor, Anthony Pappalardo and Kenny Reed but there’s a modern addition with a musical nod to the early 00s era in there too. Solid beats, heavy riffs and powerful melodies all combine well in this.

Watch and listen to the TOPX founder’s top nine skate sections below and read his and our thoughts on his choices but first discover why Angel selected these tunes.



These are some of the top skate soundtracks and parts that I listen to while I’m working in the TOPX studio, or before I skate.” – Angel Acevedo 





1. Mike Maldonado: ‘Welcome to Hell’ – The Misfits “London Dungeon”

“ECP skating to Prime Misfits…This is one of those parts…doesn’t matter how many times you play it, never gets old.” 

Mike Maldonado hits every spot with speed in this part. From his rowdy lines in the middle of busy streets, to his big Ollies and Backside 180s, he kicked down the doors of what skaters thought was possible at the time in this section.

So this explosive tune, made by The Misfits in a Brixton jail after they were locked up for two nights for fighting with local skinheads, is a fitting soundtrack to the gnarly balls to the walls tricks the East Coast Powerhouse nails in this.





2. Harold Hunter: ‘Zoo York Mixtape’ – Ghostface & Method Man “Freestyle”

“This is the Blueprint right here. Harold skating NYC to a studio session with Meth and Ghost. CLASSIC! R.I.P. Harold Hunter”

Before Mixtape, most would have thought it was impossible to capture just how well Harold skated while also showing his off-the-board antics but this part filmed by R.B. Umali and edited by Eli Gesner shows both perfectly. Harold was in his element in this section and rewatching his epic tricks and lines in Mixtape, you can see the method to his madness.

Soundtracking his skating to a spontaneous Ghostface and Method Man freestyle reinforced the mystery and larger-than-life legend he was known for.





3. Kevin Taylor + Stevie Williams and Josh Kalis: ‘Ryde or Die Vol. 1’ – D. Minus Of The Blitzkrieg Militia “Beat” & GZA “Duel Of The Iron Mic”

“When them flutes in the intro hit you…. Ryde or Die Vol. 1 is another straight classic! KT’s closing section to “Duel of The Iron Mic”….Iconic part!” 

Kevin Taylor throws down a series of dope tech moves on tech street kicker to bench setups, and nails an array of sick bangers at Love Park, alongside guest tricks by Stevie Williams and Josh Kalis. The hypnotising beat of the Blitzkrieg Militia tune is unforgettable. The iconic second song by GZA from his Liquid Swords album adds to the high level of east coast style being delivered in their clips. The Kalis and Stevie footage is priceless. Get it on rotation to see and hear it for yourself.





4. Anthony Pappalardo: ‘Mosaic’ – Dinosaur Jr. “Forget The Swan” & J.Mascis “Uncredited”

“Pops absolutely destroying Philly/NYC/OH to Forget The Swan by Dinosaur Jr. This was the first time I ever heard Dinosaur Jr. Incredible part.” 

Anthony Pappalardo’s skating transformed over the years. From precise and tech to pushing fast and nailing powerful fundamentals. This section was clearly made in between those two eras where he’s doing both.

His tricks, like the songs, are also unique, resulting in an iconic part that showcases a snapshot of his style and prowess unlike any other.





5. Luy-Pa Sin & Franck Barattiero: ‘(Lordz) They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us!’ – Kool Shen “Nos Pires Ennemis (feat. Disiz La Peste)”

“If you haven’t watched Lordz’ “They don’t give a f*uck about us” Please watch it. Luy-Pa Sin had one of my favourite sections. His song was dope. This part and track – basically this whole vid is heat though. Amazing tracks in this.” 

Luy-Pa and Franck put down an arsenal of dope, tech lines and heavy hubba tricks that still hold their weight today. The banging track they skate to with its simmering beat and mood complements the video’s overall clean presentation of their team’s underground but highly versed and well-skilled skate talent.

This shared part was another pivotal banger in a video that helped to light the flame to fire up European skaters to show their unique approach.





6. Brian Anderson: ‘Yeah Right’ – Interpol “Obstacle 1”

“BA crushing spots to Interpol. One of my favourite parts right here.”

Yeah Right is one of the most-watched skate videos of all-time. Brian’s shocking part not only introduced a generation of skaters to his ability to skate every type of street terrain, no matter the size, with a powerful style but also to Interpol as a band that could deliver bone-chilling indie anthems.

Alongside the gnarly tricks and lines Brian did, the song left an impact on everyone watching his part that was as heavy as the slam he takes at the start.





7. Jason Dill: ‘Photosynthesis’ – Thom Yorke & U.N.K.L.E “Rabbit in the Headlights” & Radiohead “Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2)”

“Best Radiohead song.”

You can tell by Dill’s call with Chris Carter in the intro to his Photosynthesis section he was on his own tip at this time. Living a spontaneous lifestyle in New York. Skating a lot but sometimes not. Soundtracking one of his greatest video parts to Radiohead seems like an obvious choice now but back in 2000 it came out of left field for a lot of viewers to hear such a mainstream group in an Alien Workshop video.

But Dill skated cool-looking spots with a bag of sick tricks and style. In one clip he gets off the board mid-line, walks down a set of stairs and runs and Ollies a gap to flat. He made a lot of against-the-grain creative choices that we’ve come to realise were rad decisions. Just like the tune, the vibe and atmosphere of this part and the level and imagination of his tricks become more intense as the section progresses and as time has gone on.





8. Kenny Reed: ‘7 Year Glitch’ – Shuggie Otis “Strawberry Letter 23”

“Kenny Reed skating to Strawberry Letter 23 in “7 Year Glitch” will always stand out, classic style!”

Back in 2002, nobody who heard this song would have connected it to skateboarding. But after Kenny’s part came out, it instantly reminds everyone who’s seen it of his part.

As Kenny starts blasting wild Switch Ollies over bump to bars, Tre Flips into epic banks and grinding long hubbas you see how his one-of-a-kind style is equally as phenomenal as this psychedelic song sounds.





9. Mark Del Negro: Hopps ‘Chipper’ Part – MF Doom “Kookies (2004 version)”

“Chip destroying Rodney Square plaza to MF Doom. This part came out recently but it’s a future classic. Put it in your playlist.”

Mark Del Negro shreds every ledge and curb in his path as hard as he can in this part, whether its covered in snow, on a door step, the bonnet of a car or on an abandoned trailer in the street.

The quick-hit samples and comedy in this MF Doom track complements his readiness for anything on his board and the quirks and battles you face when skating east coast spots, alongside much like the lyrics to this song, a rad international clip at a wavy ledge Parisian spot for necessary flavour and variation.

Mark’s skating on rough ground, crusty ledges and banks in this part will hype you up to go out and skate on whatever you can, however you can.