I play guitar. I currently play in a band called Spits Milk and we’ve just put out a record called Hells Lapels.

You can buy the tape or download from Cruel Nature Records.

This is a playlist of stuff either that has shaped the sort of thing I like to play or just stuff I’m really into right now. Hope you enjoy.





1. Godflesh – Love Is A Dog From Hell

Godflesh are my favourite band from Birmingham.

Reaching transcendence through ugliness. Almost metal by accident, industrial post-punk. Cold, hard, and sensitive.





2. Spazz – The Donger

Another band that lives in my car. My partner hates them. If you have any attention difficulties Spazz have got you covered because things change pretty quick. And they are daft which is a flavour I enjoy. Shout out to Ken Lieu.





3. Tom Skee Mask – Annamosity

At some point in all of our lives we inevitably do a deep dive into Memphis rap and we all come back with that one big bump. This is one I came back with. Someone cleaned it up and it sounds bang on.





4. Breadwinner – Macs Oranges

The burner compilation is twenty minutes of music that never leaves my car.

Nasty, angular, big grooves, tight snares. Scratches lots of itches.





5. Oxes – Everlong

I loved Oxes when they came out. Arty and bratty.

Oxes make me think of a kid getting their hand caught in a cookie jar. They do great covers.





6. Title Fight – mrahc

I came to Title Fight late. Their first record is melodic hardcore and they could have kept doing that, but they had the bravery to mutate.

The last album was a stylistic shift and they’re showing you they can be great doing anything, they use the same muscles in different ways.





7. Meshuggah – Demiurge

When my son was born I didn’t set out to get him into anything heavy. Something about Meshuggah would almost instantly calm him. I don’t know if it’s the groove, the polyrhythms or what.

I think it’s kind of tactile and blocky so maybe easier to play with cognitively but still punishing. He’s not so into it now. We’re into nursery rhymes pretty big.





8. Unwound – Caterpillar

I love unwound. I think Mason Silva might be into them he’s had a few parts out with their songs on.

This is from the singles collection which is worth picking up. I love the colour palette they work from and the feelings they evoke.





9. Floor – Who Are You

I was obsessed with Floor in my early 20s. It was so obvious.

Tune down, turn up and nod your fucking head. I would play this album on repeat non-stop.





10. Melvins – Gluey Porch Treatments

This was the first song I heard by the Melvins. I was entranced. Less than 50 seconds and they’d done all that.

When I got the album I rinsed it till every riff was lodged in my head. Music as poetry. Tight little haiku’s.





11. Mary Lou Williams – The Devil

Mary Lou Williams is the best. Constant innovator, perfect poise. Great player and a great thinker.

The zodiac suite from the 50s is, for me, similar to the first Melvins record, these tight little musical poems.

This is from a religious album she made and I think it shows her range and imagination. Always fresh, always classic.