Ben is a skater and artist based in Brighton


Although I don’t necessarily make art about skating, my art is definitely informed by skate culture.


The DIY nature of skating has really informed how I go about things; whether it be zine making or hosting exhibitions. I think skateboarding has helped teach me that it takes time and effort to learn something new.


If you want to learn a new trick or a new art skill, it’s going to take hard work for you to figure out the mechanics of it.


Also, with skating and art, you always do it best when you’re enjoying what you’re doing so it’s important to make art fun for yourself.


There’s a lot of different skater made art that gets me excited to make things. I really like the art of Eloise Dorr, Tommy Bold, and Andrew Finch. They’ve all got super different styles and it’s always rad to see their new work.


The Beautiful Losers film is something I watch whenever I need a little arty hype and I really love all the artists involved in that group too.


Skate video wise, there’s something incredible about all the films that Pontus Alv makes, he really seems to put part of himself in there.


I think The No Comply Network is a great idea.


I love the artists involved and it’s great to have an open forum for people to find skater artists and for artists to find each other.


All my projects are up for grabs through Blue Monday Press.