We’re always stoked to hear the music that No Comply members like to listen to. So instead of just waxing poetic about the songs they are bumping their heads to everyday, we will be bringing you a series of mixes containing their favourite tracks and creating a few skate remixes from these tracks along the way.

So hyped that Alice Smith came through with a sick 14 track No Comply Mix for this first edition.

Everything from energetic, frenetic dance music tracks, screamy Japanese electro and strong rock riffs, alongside a slice of UK Hip Hop, Alice has chosen some dope tunes that we think that you will really enjoy.

Give her playlist mix a blast and discover a slew of new artists and songs to bop your head to.

Then find out why she chose these songs by reading what she had to say about her selections below.

Also don’t forget to read her interview to find out more about her and her skateboarding when you’re done. 





This is probably the most ridiculous mashup of music, but the request was to create a playlist of the kind of stuff I like listening to.

I tried to create something that includes an array of all the weird little niche sub genres I enjoy. I’ve been really into Gabber and Break Core. I love music that doesn’t take itself too seriously and makes me audibly laugh out loud on the train to work.

‘Power Up’ by Babalos has that Walter White quote about danger sampled halfway through it and I think it’s the best thing ever.

But then there’s ‘I’m God’ by Clams Casino, a song that inspires this almost nauseating but insane nostalgia to me and if anyone’s seen the YouTube comment section of this video, then they know the significance that this song has to so many people.

Also Tricky needed a mention in the playlist for sure. That man inspired a love for UK Hip Hop and ‘Hell is Round The Corner’ makes me feel a certain kinda way that no other song ever could. I don’t think words can really fathom it but if you’ve never heard that song, then give it a listen.

Also, Midori fucking slap. I’ve been into them for ages and recently found out that they actually separated over a decade ago, which I’m gutted about but yeah, enjoy the chaotic array of sounds that I’ve selected.


Alice’s No Comply 14 Track Mix Playlist

00:00 – Less-O – Behind Closed Doors

03:48 – Fine-Sir-01585660650 – Some Things I’ve Been Thinking About Lately

08:10 – death Insurance – ifeelgr8

10:37 – IIIZ – homeostasis2022-

14:39 – Atari Teenage Riot – Speed

17:22 – Clams Casino, Imogen Heap – I’m God

21:55 – Rory in early 20s – the eternal rest of the living

24:47 – Tricky, Martina Topley-Bird – Hell is Round The Corner

28:27 – ゆきこさん – ミドリ

31:36 – death Insurance – Digital Relapse

34:27 – Vladimir Dubyshkin – ticket to childhood

39:34 – System of a Down – American Dream Denial

42:48 – Witch – Isadora

48:43 – Babalos – Power Up