Zulu is a skateboarder and musician from London

“Growing up, skateboarding and music had a huge impact on my life and they definitely both go well with each other! I haven’t had a lot of time to skate lately but need to incorporate it more into my music, the whole lifestyle has moulded me into what I am today.

Skating is more than just a sport to me it’s a lifestyle too and along that journey I’ve had the opportunity to meet great souls and experience one in a lifetime opportunities who help me create my work!

But I am a huge fan of steviewilliams and the whole DGK team I think skateboarding needs The No Comply Network. It’s always good to network and showcase our art, whatever it maybe, and in the skate community there are loads of talented up-and-coming talents that need that exposure, No Comply kills it!

I’m a part of a duo called midnightmafiauk, our EP (“12AM”) is on sale via iTunes and we have a video up on link up tv too. But I have a lot of solo work coming that will show my skateboarding side a lot more, I know loads of sick skaters that don’t get the recognition that they deserve so going to work with them, get skateboarding in my vids and get the buzz we need” Zulu

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