No Comply Guy and New York city-based skater-designer Yoon Hyup is amazing

Yoon Has THE EYE For Sure. He’s also one of the most fascinating and unique illustrators out there. Just look at his work So we hit him up to deliver to you a whole new kind of interview to find out what some of his all-time ‘best evers’ are on a board.



What’s the Best Grind or Slide You Ever Seen?

I would have to say Daewon Song’s Treflip Noseblunt Manual out

[Almost Skateboards “Round III” (5:58)]

Yeah Daewon’s trick turned a lot heads…speaking of flipping the script.What’s Your Favourite Ever Flip Trick?

It has to be the one that Josh Kalis did. His Treflip over the trash can.

In Your Opinon, What’s The Best Video Part Of All-Time?

Quim Cardona & Daniel Kim

Spirit Quest [2017] by Colin Read

Also, all the parts in Zoo York Mixtape

Best Skate Photo Ever?

Eric Koston, Backside noseblunt on Hubba Hideout by Mike Blabac, 1998

Jeff Pang and Spencer Fujimoto pushing with friends after 911. Photo by Mike O’Meally, 2001


Best Trick You’ve Seen With Your Own Eyes?

Micky Papa

Shuvit Heel Flip to Backside Smith Grind 180 Out

Best Place to Skate?

Any spot that has curb and nice flat ground

Best people to skate with?

Anyone who enjoys skating and shares good vibes

Best local skate company?

Best Style on a Board?

Mark Gonzales

Keith Hufnagel

Quim Cardona

Gino Iannucci

Best Skate Culture Moment?

My favourite skate culture moment was the 90s and early 2000s skate graphics when Alien Workshop graphics were made by Mike Hill and Don Pendleton.

Also early-2000s Zoo York deck graphics and collaborations with artists. If I can get back to that time on a time machine, I’d collect all my favorite decks there. Zoo York

Indented Image by Yoon Hyup: Sound of Friday 2, 2018, Acrylic on canvas “40 x 80″