Tom is a skateboarder and artist who lives in New Zealand.

"I live between New Zealand and the UK and I work with RICH landscapes in Auckland, designing skate parks and 3D models.

The DIY attitude of skateboarding relates particularly to my hand poke tattooing but skateboarding and art are critical practice for me that challenges both the form and political mechanics of urban life. Skateboarders negotiate the city and reinterpret architecture and materials and this interests me in relation to the process of art making.

There are too many filmmakers from within skateboarding to name individually but Richard Smith at RICH landscapes and his conceptual approach to the design of public space and skateparks is an inspiration.Gnar Gore is an art work in itself!

What I like about hand poke tattooing and skateboarding is the social interaction and exchange. So being a part of a community which networks and supports the skateboarding community is really important.

I will be working on building a new skatepark in New Zealand with RICH landscapes and in late December, I did a collab show at Rockies, an artist run space in Auckland,where I made tattoos in an art gallery context. It was fun. More to come soon"