Suki Lune is a tattoo artist based in London

Tattooing involves a great deal of sourcing inspiration because you’re churning out work with a much faster turn over than that of an illustrator or painter. You’re constantly looking for ways to turn the world around you into something you can utilise for your work and turn into something else- in the same way as a skater looks at a stair set or a curb or a rail that has been built with one “purpose” but can be used and manipulated to become something completely new and exciting.

For me the inspiration comes more from the skateboarding lifestyle in general than one particular person or group of people.

There is a pretty big divide within the tattooing industry these days so the “counter culture” that it was a huge part of before is becoming apparent again. It comes down to doing something that other people aren’t going to like; style and subjectivity. That’s inspiring for me because it makes it even more special to the people that are into it- same with skating.

I think giving skaters and those affiliated a platform to grow and establish themselves within the skateboarding community – without having to cater to an audience that might not fully recognise their influence is super important.

At the moment i’m trying to let everything happen organically. I’m taking bookings now for flash or custom work for the next few months but i’ll probably be planning a Europe tour soon for next year. All the details will be on my Instagram