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The checkerboard. In physics and chemistry, wave-particle duality holds that light and matter exhibit properties of both waves and of particles. … The idea of duality is rooted in a debate over the nature of light and matter dating back to the 1600s, when competing theories of light were proposed by Christiaan Huygens and Isaac Newton.
Wave-particle duality is the exhibition of both wavelike and particlelike properties by a single entity. For example, electrons undergo diffraction and can interfere with each other as waves, but they also act as pointlike masses and electric charges.
Secret societies have used the checkerboard for eons to affect their consciousness as well as mass consciousness. Ancient symbols are used all the time in public rituals. However most people have no real knowledge that they are being used to open up portals of energy. Excerpt from remembering the future – Tania Gabrielle & Colette Baron Reid

1.0 ~ Concerning the Duality of the Matter

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