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? ing your own reflection in these squares obviously isn’t enough (I was unsure being goaded into posting this Malevich style abyss was the right thing to do, upon reflection, however, if this truly is a ‘unified’ gesture of solidarity and mourning (which as a direct result provides & pushes through progressive solutions : ones that require actually LISTENING to the marginalised in a sincere, empathic & unpatronising manner) manifesting enlightened awareness & social change, not simply another buried post in some trending oblivion of celebrity vacuums / or a mere footnote on the ruling classes ‘topical’ agenda then it’s better than no stance at all. I still have faith / hold true that the wider populous are not ok with any of this or any injustices and are in absolute unison for a better future for humanity and I stand by / with / amongst you, my friend. In Art theory Black is considered a non colour, as is white. Colour shouldn’t define the cards you’re dealt – eradicate that argument once and for all. Remain humane. ☝?☝?☝?☝?☝?? nation under a groove (?)
BlackoutTuesday TheShowMustBePaused

2020-06-02 17:26:09