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Pinched this but this sums up only a small part. The music I make today wouldn’t be what it is without black music and culture. I promise to promote music and art equally and pay respect and credit where credit is due. Everyone should be treated without prejudice and people of colour more than deserve this necessity.
This being said I abstained from posting about this until now because I don’t believe it is right to go outside and protest in a time of emergency such as this even if the reasons are as valid as they are. If you are going out again please be ultra ultra careful as more people will inevitably die as a result of the protests no matter how much it was socially distanced. The UK is still one of the highest affected places and we are now going to have another wave of cases and deaths of all people regardless of colour. Please don’t act irresponsibly because of rightfully accumulated rage. The fight will continue. Love everyone and I hope you’re all safe.

2020-06-04 16:25:39