Rohum is a skateboarder and filmmaker


I think skateboarding and filmmaking go hand in hand – You need videos to showcase what is going on in our culture and with today’s need for more content, filmmaking is one of the most creative ways of doing so.


Personally, I’d rather spend a long time on a project to ensure everything is taken into consideration before its release. As mentioned before, there is so much content being released nowadays that you want to make sure your work stands out among the rest.


The first skateboarding video I ever saw was Lakai’s ‘Fully Flared’. Ty Evans set the standard for me and since then I’ve followed in his footsteps in an attempt to create films with as much depth, care, and quality as his. In my opinion, the entire Crailtap family have always been the perfect representation of skateboarding and also continue to inspire me.


I think The No Comply Network is fantastic!


It brings creative individuals together and promotes our culture’s unsung heroes – If you’re dedicated enough and The No-Comply Network notice you then you must be doing something right!’ I’m currently working on two new projects.


The first is a documentary called ‘Open All Hours: Support Your Local Skate Shop’ which is focused on skate shops and how they benefit our industry.


The second is a full length skate video for Death Skateboards called ‘Hand Me Downs’ which is focused on promoting their AM team.