Reuben is a skater and artist based in London.

“I think the skateboarding world is constantly differentiating itself. There are always new people coming in as well as old heads who are showing them the older eras of the skate scene. This is important for me and the art I make and the work that I do. I am constantly networking with artists, models, photographers and writers from all over the world.

Skateboarding has always had a creative aspect to it. It’s about individuals expressing their personal visions from all different dimensions.

I find inspiration from the slightest of things – ex-girlfriends, dispirited times of my life, the people behind me and good times in life play a big part in my work. Although, there are other artists who get me going because of the sheer eccentric style and individuality they have like Daniel Clarke, Nick Waplington and Jack Hamilton. All great artists that have their own style.

Get up and get known but to be truthful when you have skateboarding behind, it’s possible to do anything. A skater who makes stuff can host a one night only event which will be visited by hundreds of people, who come for the art and the free booze, so it helps a lot to be a skateboarder when you’re putting on a show. For instance being someone who’s just an artist that didn’t go to art school or anything it would be difficult for them to get the promotion and have loads of people come down if you’re not part of a big community like skateboarding. The art world itself can be selfish at times.